Tutu dress crochet top
Tutu dress crochet top

Tutu dress crochet top

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Tutorial for DIY tutu dress crochet top







- Crochet top

- Soft tulle fabric (6inch x 100 yards).  I am using Light chamgpagne and Light pink (v2) colour for this project.

- Fabric flowers embellishment


1. Cutting the tulle

  - Make a cardboard template.

  - Spool your tulle fabric

  - Cut fabric to size








2. Preparing the crochet top

  - Find something to stretch the crochet top. I am using a container, but you can use a chair or something else.

  - Fold your tulle strand in half

  - Push your tulle through the hole (start on a second row)

  - Pull the other side of the strand into the loop, and gently pulling it.




3. The fun starts now!

  - Repeat the process.

  - The more tulle strands you use, the dress will become fuller and fluffy.

  - You can either use 1 colour, 2 or more colours. Creativity, there is no limit!






4. Adding fabric flowers embellishment

  - Choose your own matching fabric flower embellishment

  - To attach fabric flowers, you can either hand-sewn them or use fabric glued


5. End results!













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