Frequently Asked Questions


Login/Accounts - Technical issues

I have forgotten my password to my account, how can I retrieve it?

If you’ve forgotten your password then you can retrieve it by clicking here.

I’ve forgotten my login details. What do I do?

If you’ve forgotten your login details, please send us an enquiry on our contact us page. We will have a look at your account and give you a call back to confirm details before providing you details on how to reset your account.

I’m experiencing problems logging into my account?

Please send us an enquiry on our contact us page, and we will address the problem as soon as possible.



Do you have a showroom that we can view your items?

No, we do not have a showroom. We are an online shop only.

Why has my shopping cart become empty?

Due to certain security/software issues, we have decided to disabled the saved cart option for our website. If you believe that you are unable to complete your shopping in one session then please add your products first into the wishlist as this will be saved to your account.

How do I move my items from the wishlist to the shopping cart?

Click on the wishlist link (Second link on the two left hand side of the website) and you will be directed to your wishlist page. For each item list, on the right hand side you’ll have an icon () that when clicked will add the product to your shopping cart. Please remember that you need to adjust the quantity required in your shopping cart, once the item has been added?

I cannot add items to my wishlist?

Please log into your account to access your Wishlist. Wishlist is only active if you have an account and is logged into the website.



Where is my tracking number?

Before contacting us, please confirm that you’ve selected a shipping option that provides a tracking number. You can do that by logging into your account here and navigating to your history order. If your order status has been changed to dispatch and no tracking number is present, please send us an e-mail quoting order number and request for a tracking number.

I used express post, where is my order?

Express post is not a guaranteed next day delivery option, while at 2Bling we endeavor to dispatch our customers’ orders as soon as possible, a processing time of 1-2 days is applicable to all orders. If you have any enquiry or urgent orders, please contact us via e-mail first to get an update on order processing time.

My order has arrived damage, can I get an exchange/refund?

We pack and seal our items to ensure that they arrive safely in your hands. In the unlikely scenario that your item arrives damaged, we can only hope that you’ve purchased insurance to cover the damage as stated in our  terms and conditions when you were checking out the order. If you’ve not purchased insurance then unfortunately we are unable to help you out further with your enquiry. If your item has arrived damage, whether insured or not, please contact us as soon as possible.

I choose signature on delivery for my order can I get a refund if the item arrives damaged?

Unfortunately, signature on delivery is not insurance. While we believe that it doesn’t quite make logical sense from our point of view, the business practices and protocols are determined by our shipping carriers and as such are beyond our control.

Can you ship to another address, instead of my billing address?

Yes we can, there is an option to send to an alternative address that is available during checkout.

Can I change my shipping address on a pending order?

Depending on the status of the order, we may be able to change the shipping address. If the order status is currently awaiting dispatch then the shipping details are finalized and your order will be shipped to the nominated address on the order at the time.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not accept any international order at the moment.

If you are from New Zealand, could you please contact us via e-mail and we will be able to send you shipping quotations based on your address in NZ.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, we provide a pickup service for our local customers, (Around NSW 2164).

How do I track my order when it is shipped?

If you’ve selected a shipping method that provides a tracking number, it will usually be shown on your accounts order history section. We will also send you an e-mail once your item has been despatched, complete with tracking number and web address to track your order.

I’m not at home at the time of delivery, what happens?

If you’ve chosen shipping option with ATL, then the parcel will be placed in what is deemed ‘safe and out of the weather’ location. If signature on delivery is required, then a card will be left at the shipping address requiring a

pickup either at the local post office. If it is left at the post office for over 10 days, then it will typically be resent to us at 2Bling, subsequent re-delivery will then incur additional shipping cost.



What are my payment options when shopping here?

There are a number of payment options available on our website, the following payment methods are accepted and process as follows:

What are your bank details?

When choosing the bank transfer/direct deposit option, please ensure that your order/invoice number is included in the payment description. If you’ve forgotten can you please contact us with the details of the account used so that we can finalise your payment and progress with your order.

Do you accept western union or other type of money transfers?

At this stage we do not accept western union/other type of money transfers.

Do you have any installment plans available for customers?




What does my order status tell me?

The current stage that your order is at;

Can I cancel my order?

Your order may be cancelled if the order status in the ‘Pending’ stage. Once the order is being processed, it may be cancelled at the discretion of the 2Bling staff, depending on certain orders a restocking fee may be applied, as per our terms and conditions. Cancellation after dispatch of your order is not possible. To cancel your order, please contact our sales staff at  with your order number.

I want to make a change/alteration to my order?

A change and/or alteration to your order may occur when your current order status is at the ‘pending’ stage, and at the discretion of the 2Bling staff. Note that all modifications to your order is a manual process and is at the discretion of the 2Bling staff, it is not an automated process. Alteration to your order may also incur additional shipping cost, please keep that in mind when performing alterations.

Note that an order change request is not provided for a ‘simple change of mind’ – 2Bling reserves the right to refuse any order change request and to cancel/refund an order where significant changes are requested immediately

after the order is placed. A refund will be provided as a store credit if you simply change your mind. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A REFUND IF YOU SIMPLY CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Can I add something to my existing order?

If your order has not been processed/ shipped, you can add your additional order by selecting "delivery post". Please leave a note at the checkout for combined order.

There is $0.50 handling charge for additional order. We will refund the remaining P&H fee after your order has been processed.



I want a refund, what do I do?

A refund will be issued only under the following circumstances:

Under the above circumstances your right as a consumer entitles you to a refund; a change of mind does not entitle you to a refund. We are happy to offer an exchange if the item has proven to be defective, with all return postage/shipping cost to be covered by the customer.

Customers should inspect their goods on arrival, and if any kind of returns needs to be carried out by simply return the product in the original packaging and mark as Return to Sender. This way you (the customer) are not required to cover any return shipping cost.

I’ve changed/decide that I don’t want the product, what options are available for returns?

If you have changed your mind, we will accept the returned product in exchange for a credit back into your account. The credit to your account will only be available once the returned product has been received and of acceptable condition. All returns shipping cost to be covered by the customer.

OK, I want to return the product, what do I do now?

Please send us an e-mail at and let us know why you want to return the product, we then start the returns process once all relevant information is obtained. 2Bling do not take responsibility for any damage or lost in transit when a customer sends a product back to use for return and/or exchange. Please ensure that there is ‘sufficient’ protection around the article that is intended to be sent back to us for returns processing.


Rewards/Loyalty program

What are rewards points?

Each product is allocated a reward points value, you can earn/save/spend your rewards points at our store only. Its our way of making shopping that little bit exciting. Please note: Reward points depend on each product. Not all the products have reward points.

How do I earn reward points?

In order to collect reward points, you first need to be a registered member. Reward points are earned by purchasing participating product(s) that has reward points allocated to them. Once your order has been shipped, your reward points will be added to your account. In the instance that products are exchanged/refunded or modified from an order, the reward points allocated will change accordingly. Reward points are only earned from purchased products, shipping is not included in the reward points program.

What is my current reward points balance?

To view your rewards points balance, please click here. You will be required to be logged in before viewing your reward points balance.

How do I use my reward points for my order?

Please click here for instructions on how to use your rewards points. Rewards point can only be used to deduct from the order subtotal, i.e. you cannot pay for shipping using rewards points. If there are questions/issues please contact us.

My Reward point has not been added to my account for the most recent order?

Reward points are allocated to your account when the order is complete and not when an order is placed. If your order has been received and the points are not allocated to your account, please contact us.

I think I am missing some points, can you help?

Certainly, please send us an e-mail or an enquiry through the contact us page and we will be happy to assist.

I've purchased from your store before, but used guest checkout, would I be able to redeem my points from previous orders?

Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of the website and database we are unable to go back and add points from previous orders. Points can only be accrued once you've registered an account with us.

Do my reward points have an expiry date?

The rewards points remain in your account until you decide to use them.

Can I redeem my points for cash or transfer them to another person?

All rewards points are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.