Flutter sleeves

Flutter sleeves

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DIY tutorial for fllutter sleeves




  • A pair of flutter trim. Link on the right.

  • Clothes - T-Shirt, Pants, Safety boots whatever your imagination can conjur up. In this tutorial we will be using a T-shirt from my eldest.

  • Sewing machine - preferably working and one that you are familiar with. Sewing by hand is possible, although not recommended.


1. Prepare the thread and bobbin thread

2. Align the trim to where you would like it to be.

3. Pin both sides of the collar to your clothes to keep it in place.  Start sewing from the center of the trim.

4. Once you've complete one side, complete the sewing on the other side. Below is one that I made earlier, its missing in the picture, but there is a young lady that is wearing a dress that is a very similiar colour to the trim, worked out perfect. 

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